Shipping Instructions

Instructions for sample shipping

Q. How do I prepare the samples?
A: Simply place each sample into a labeled vial. Freeze the samples right after collection if possible.

Q. How much sample volume is needed?
A: It is preferable to send double the volumes listed below, just in case we need to repeat the experiment.100 µl minimum per replicate per target protein (eg, triplicate results for one target would require 300 µl per sample, and triplicate results for 2 target proteins would require 600 µl per sample).

Q. What do I do before shipping samples?
A. Before ship your samples, Please fill out the Sample Testing Service Form, including all necessary information with the package: contact info, sample info, and which ELISA kit is to be used for testing.

Q. Where do I send the samples?
A. Please include a printed copy of the Sample Testing Form with your shipment. Samples must be free of infections, such as HIV, Hepatitis B, or other communicable viruses, etc.

Northern American Customers: Please include PO or credit card information for payment with your shipment.

International Customers: Please contact your local distributor for pricing and payment information.

Please inform us by e-mail when you send your samples ( Please include a tracking number for the shipment, and an electronic copy of your completed Sample Testing Form.

Please send your samples frozen and on dry ice overnight shipping to:

Bioaim Scientific, Inc.
Attn: Service Department
Unit 6, 27 Casebridge Court
Scarborough, ON, M1B 4Y4,