Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit

Human BMP-4 ELISA Kit
Human BMP-4 ELISA Kit
April 9, 2016
Human BMP-7 ELISA Kit
Human BMP-7 ELISA Kit
April 9, 2016
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Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit
Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit Standard Curve

Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit

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Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit Features

Product Name           Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit
Assay Type                   Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
Format                           96-well strip plate
Assay Length              4.5 hours
Sample Volume         Serum ,Plasma, cell culture media , 100 ul
Detection Method    Colorimetric
Sensitivity                   100 pg/ml
Assay Range               204.8-50000 pg/ml
Reactivity                     Human
Cross-Reactivity       No cross-reactivity observed with available related molecules
Gene Names               BMP6;  VGR; VGR1
Gene ID                         654
Swissprot ID               P22004


Sample Type    Average % RecoveryRange %
Serum 9788-105
Plasma 9489-102
Cell culture media 9583-110


Sample TypeDilution% of Expected
Cell culture media1:295

Standard Curve:Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit

Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit Standard Curve

Kit Components

• Pre-Coated 96-well Strip Microplate
• Wash Buffer
• Stop Solution
• Assay Diluent
• Standards
• Biotinylated Detection Antibody
• Streptavidin-Conjugated HRP
• TMB One-Step Substrate

Protocol Outline

1. Prepare all reagents, samples and standards as instructed in the manual.
2. Add 100 µl of standard or sample to each well.
3. Incubate 2.5 h at RT or O/N at 4°C.
4. Wash and add 100 µl of prepared biotin antibody to each well.
5. Incubate 1 h at RT.
6. Wash and add 100 µl of prepared Streptavidin solution to each well.
7. Incubate 45 min at RT.
8. Wash and add 100 µl of TMB One-Step Substrate Reagent to each well.
9. Incubate 30 min at RT.
10. Add 50 µl of Stop Solution to each well.
11. Read at 450 nm/570 nm.


Bone morphogenetic protein 6 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BMP6 gene. The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the TGFβ superfamily. Bone morphogenetic proteins are known for their ability to induce the growth of bone and cartilage. BMP6 is able to induce all osteogenic markers in mesenchymal stem cells. BMPs are secreted signaling molecules that comprise a subfamily of the TGF-beta superfamily and were originally identified as regulators of cartilage and bone formation. There are at least 20 structurally and functionally related BMPs, most of which play roles in embryogenesis and morphogenesis of various tissues and organs. Biologically active BMPs are usually homodimers containing a characteristic cysteine knot structure.

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The entire kit may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 year from the date of shipment. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The kit may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months. For extended storage, it is recommended to store at -80°C.

Regulatory Status      

Human BMP-6 ELISA Kit is for Research Use Only.


1 Plate Kit, 2 Plate Kit, 5 Plate Kit


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