Custom human GASP-2 ELISA Kit

human DR6 ELISA Kit
Custom human DR6 ELISA Kit
January 2, 2017
human ICAM-2 ELISA Kit
Custom human ICAM-2 ELISA Kit
January 2, 2017
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human GASP-2 ELISA Kit

Custom human GASP-2 ELISA Kit

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Product Features

Product Name            Custom human GASP-2 ELISA Kit
Assay Type                   Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
Format                           96-well strip plate
Assay Length              4.5 hours
Sample Volume         Serum ,Plasma, cell culture media , 100ul
Detection Method    Colorimetric
Sensitivity                   This has not yet been determined
Assay Range                This has not yet been determined
Reactivity                     Human
Cross-Reactivity       This ELISA antibody pair only recognizes human GASP-2
Gene Names:              WFIKKN1; C16orf12; RJD2; WFDC20A; WFIKKN
Gene ID                         117166
Swissprot ID               Q96NZ8


Kit Components

• Pre-Coated 96-well Strip Microplate
• Wash Buffer
• Stop Solution
• Assay Diluent
• Standards
• Biotinylated Detection Antibody
• Streptavidin-Conjugated HRP
• TMB One-Step Substrate

Protocol Outline

1. Prepare all reagents, samples and standards as instructed in the manual.
2. Add 100 µl of standard or sample to each well.
3. Incubate 2.5 h at RT or O/N at 4°C.
4. Wash and add 100 µl of prepared biotin antibody to each well.
5. Incubate 1 h at RT.
6. Wash and add 100 µl of prepared Streptavidin solution to each well.
7. Incubate 45 min at RT.
8. Wash and add 100 µl of TMB One-Step Substrate Reagent to each well.
9. Incubate 30 min at RT.
10. Add 50 µl of Stop Solution to each well.
11. Read at 450 nm/570 nm.


Growth and differentiation factor-associated serum protein-2 (GASP-2), a 548 amino acid protein, is comprised of many conserved domains: WAP, follistatin/Kazal, immunoglobulin, two tandem Kunitz, and netrin. Based on the order of these conserved domains, GASP-2 is also known as WFIKKN. Another related protein which contains the same domain structure is called WFIKKN-related protein, or GASP-1. WAP, follistatin, Kunitz and netrin domains are all implicated in protease inhibition, and the GASP proteins may be multivalent protease inhibitors. GASP-1 and -2 show distinct expression patterns both in the developing fetus and the adult.

In the developing fetus, GASP-2 is abundant in the lung, skeletal muscle and liver while GASP-1 expression is highest in the brain, skeletal muscle, thymus and kidney. In the adult, GASP-2 is expressed primarily in the pancreas, liver, and thymus while GASP-1 is in the ovary, testis, and brain. Further characterization shows that GASP-1 inhibits myostatin (GDF-8) and the highly related protein, GDF-11, but not Activin or TGF-beta in vitro.


The entire kit may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 year from the date of shipment. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The kit may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months. For extended storage, it is recommended to store at -80°C.

Regulatory Status      

Custom human GASP-2 ELISA Kit is for Research Use Only.


1 Plate Kit, 2 Plate Kit, 5 Plate Kit

Species Detected


  • Manual
  • Assay procedure
  • MSDS


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